About our Construction Services

Managing a construction project is a job in itself. We can do much of this work for you by providing a complete project service. Because we have been working in the Buckinghamshire area for over 20 years we have worked with many of the local architects, surveyors and officials. We know the right people to talk to and how to get things done quickly and cost efficiently.

Liaison with architects

We have many years experience working with architects and working from architectural drawings. On many projects there will be occasions where the architects original plans will need to be adjusted as conditions onsite, budget restraints or practical issues around access dictate. We are used to working with architects to troubleshoot these kind of problems and come up with solutions that work.


Building surveyors can play an important role in many construction projects. They can be involved in determining property boundaries or assisting with planning applications and interpreting conservation rules. In particular structural surveyors are important when it comes to converting buildings, doing extensions or other works which will have a dramatic impact on the fabric of a building. We can work with your surveyor to achieve the best possible results.

Building control

Meeting building regulations is important for any number of reasons, not least making sure that your building is safe. If your project does not meet building regulations you may struggle to get a mortgage or insurance and you may find it very difficult to resell the property.

We keep up to date on all of the latest building regulations so we can make sure that your work is done properly. We are also used to dealing with building control inspectors and can work with them to find solutions to any potential problems.